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Happy Days
Every day

Balance your 'happy hormones' naturally.


Serobrine is designed to encourage an everyday 'feel good' balance.

The threefold combination of Kanna,  NAD+, and Vit B6 makes Serobrine the preferred Kanna (Sceletium) product. The addition of NAD+ in the Serobrine formulation offers an even wider range of benefits.

  • Relieve stress, anxiety and tension naturally.

  • Rejuvenate by re-energizing cell metabolism with NAD+, todays 'miracle molecule'.

  • Stay calm and switched on with improved cognitive function.†

How it works
What people say

What people say

Carina Boshoff.jpg

We both are not just over two weeks on the Serobrine, and since then, neither of us had any anxiety attacks thus far. We also sleep much better.

Carina Boshoff
     Beverly Deputy

This product is great. It helps ease the stress of life for everyone in my family.


I have been very calm and content during this stressful times at work and I have been sleeping amazing

Nicus Venter

 I find that my daily anxiety is gone, and I manage to concentrate better.

Helga Coetzee

Since on Serobrine, I am feeling much better again, and do not have this throat clenching feeling anymore.


Serobrine helps me to be more patient and tolerant towards my babies. 

Claudine Venter
Elani Coetzee
Copy of Copy of Relieve (2).png

How it works

Here is the basic concept of how these three ingredients compliment each other when taking Serobrine.

2. NAD+ re-energizes cell metabolism, optimizing body and brain functionality. It is the coenzyme found in every cell in the body. NAD+ helps exchange the nutrients we eat for energy.

Today NAD+ is recognized as a "miracle molecule" and is considered one of the most effective anti-ageing molecules.

1. Kanna relieves stress, tension and anxiety by keeping serotonin in its neurotransmitting position to make it easier for messages to be passed along between neurons. 

3. VitB6 rebuilds serotonin and dopamine stores in the brain, whilst assisting with good sleep.

It all makes sense.

When your brain and body function optimally and you get enough rest to reset - life ‘feels’ happier.

Serobrine Story
Desert Nature

Our Story

From the beginning

Directions for use

1 - 2 Tablets in the morning after meals.

Can be taken after all main meals if needed.

The product is not habit-forming.

There is no record of adverse reactions to this product.


50 mg  Kanna

(Sceletium tortuosum) extract

10 mg  NAD+ 

(nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide)

3 mg Vit B6

(pyridoxine HCL)

Kanna is farmed in South Africa and Namibia.

No herbicides or pesticides are used in the farming process.

NAD+ is a coenzyme that occurs naturally in the body. The NAD+ used in our product is a yeast extract.

Quality control

To ensure the formulation produces consistent results, extracts of the natural active ingredients are standardized.

Our manufacturer is a 

FDA approved facility.

Young Dancers

Life is for living

Rise up to your brightest self

We strive to make a difference by helping people with stress related diseases. We learned that anxiety disorder is currently the number one mental health problem in the world.

This natural plant-based product is a game changer in the fight against stress, anxiety and tension.

We are passionate about encouraging an everyday “feel good” balance for everyone.

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